Earthrace Conservation is building a new vessel to extend its work on marine conservation. It will be used for the following:

* Maritime Missions in Conservation
* Anti-Poaching
* Fisheries Enforcement
* Scientific Research, linking with government agencies, NGOs and Research Institutions.
* Film a spinoff TV Series from “The Operatives”, that will follow missions the vessel and her crew undertake
* An outreach program including School tours, open days, boat shows and other events
* Influence government and companies in regions the vessel and her crew visit.

Vessel Design

The new vessel will be a high-tech showcase of the latest in maritime and surveillance technology. She will feature a Schiebel Helicopter Drone with 100nm range, ELINT electronic detection system and FLIR thermal Imaging. She will have 2 zodiacs, plus an amphibious vessel that is launched astern from a roll-off platform. A 30-person theater will serve as a briefing room before missions, but also for showing conservation material to school groups and the public during open days. But the most obvious thing about Earthrace-2 will be her form – She will be the most awe-inspiring vessel the world has ever seen.

Vessel Specifications

* Design: Tri-Hull Wavepiercer
* Construction: Sandwich composite
* Length: 59.3m (195 ft)
* Beam: 12m (39ft)
* Crew: 14
* Passengers: 12 in addition to crew
* Accommodation: 26 people
* Range 10,000nm at 12 knots
* Tender Vessel: 7.7m (29ft) Sealegs Amphibious Vessel
* Designer: LOMOcean Design Ltd

Based on a World Record Holder

Earthrace-2 is based on the original Earthrace vessel, a 24m power-trimaran designed by Lomocean In 2008 she set a new world record (that still stands today) for circling the globe running 100% renewable biodiesel fuel. In 2009 she was purchased by Ady Gil and taken to Antarctica, where she became the star of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars TV Series. For a considerable period, Earthrace / Ady Gil was the world’s highest profile powerboat. In many ways Earthrace set the benchmark for uncompromising focus on efficiency, functionality and awesome good looks. Earthrace-2 is looking to repeat this, but with a much bigger vessel that will change the way the world views conservation.