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At DOMANI we love the sea and all beautiful things on water whether you are sailing with elegance, speed and performance in great winds or silently motoring on a beautiful lake or alongside a magnificent coastline.

DOMANI YACHTS, forever driven by change, technology and innovation and known for its Sailing range, decided to introduce a full electric Chase boat in the same DOMANI spirit.

As high-performance sailboat builders we can use our building philosophy of stiffness and lightweight sandwich construction needed for maximum efficiency specifically needed in E boating.

In return, the development of the E32 Chase boat boosts the in house technology of E drive systems, the application of Lithium batteries and a more digital experience which is also required for the future developments in the DOMANI S range of sailboats.

Because of these new technologies and the recent developments in high torque electrical motors at DOMANI YACHTS we believe the E32 is not only an addition to the current market offering but also the start of a whole new category in Yachting.

We are convinced that both segments, sailing & motoring will have more and more in common in the years to come and this is why we strongly believe to invest in both our S and E range.

At BOOT DUESSELDORF 2020 we will present:

The S range

After the successful launch of the S30 Sportyacht at BOOT 2018 and its nomination for the European Yacht of the Year award, DOMANI presents the new S30 Lounge concept and the new Velocità editions.

‘The new DOMANI S30 Lounge – daysailing re(de)fined.’

In the S30 Lounge, the steering position has moved well aft with all sail controls at hand. A twin wheel set up keeps the central social area free, guests can remain comfortably seated in an even larger seating area. Unobstructed by sailing manoeuvres they can enjoy a beautiful day of sailing.

As a helmsman, the DOMANI S30 Lounge remains true to its DOMANI spirit of combining sportiness, performance and luxurious elegance. The lower super structure leads to an even more roadster kind of appearance. The S30 Lounge offers the best focus on leisure of any daysailer and the helmsman’s interaction with the guests is guaranteed.

A practical foldable table offers support when under sail and comfort when at anchor, unique in its size range.

The S30 Lounge remains true to its DNA – Gran Turismo style sailing; fast, fun and luxurious. Skilfully built and made to order.

VELOCITA editions

Both the DOMANI S30 and the S30 Lounge can be ordered in a Velocità edition: Velocità as in Velocity, Speed. A longer mast of 11,7 meters instead of 10,5 meters in the standard version, entailing an even larger sail area for more sportiness & speed.

The Velocità editions will have their personalised serial number, a documented book of the construction process, unique red accents and the Velocità logo.


The E Range

‘The new DOMANI E32 Chase – 100 nautical miles on one single charge.’

As a WORLD PREMIÈRE we will launch the E32, the world’s most efficient and quiet Chaseboat, built for ultimate range and speed @ zero emission. You will be able to witness the open version at BOOT Duesseldorf 2020.

We will also introduce you to the E32 Targa and E32 Gran Turismo versions.

The E32 Targa offers sun protection and solar energy options, the E32 Gran Turismo, with a closed superstructure or hardtop, offers a more cruising oriented on board experience.

The E32 Chaseboat will display the same qualities as the S30 Sportyacht, confirming DOMANI’s vision of innovation, technology and uniqueness.

Both DOMANI’s sailing S30 Sportyacht and the next generation E32 electrical Chaseboat are presented on our stand in HALL 17/A19.

DOMANI E32 Chase boat
DOMANI E32 Targa
DOMANI E32 Targa concept
E32 Targa with solar cells

Driving sustainability in superyachting

With the E32, DOMANI also targets the vast tender boat market of the superyacht industry.

Custom lifting points can be foreseen for easy lifting in garages, fast DC charging and a vast array of customization is possible, according to owner’s and motheryacht’s wishes.


DOMANI S range – extended version

The story of the DOMANI S30 Sportyacht

A few years ago, DOMANI Yachts’ founder Michael Goddaert built a prototype in a small yard in Brecht, Antwerp. The sailboat, named S28, turned out to be a head turner and together with Dutch naval architect Peter Bosgraaf and Flemish designer Jonathan Anthierens, a 3D model was designed and molds were made of what would become the new S30 sportyacht.

What started as a small and innovative project, has now grown into a mature production yard.

DOMANI YACHTS introduced its first S30 Sportyacht at the Duesseldorf Boat Show in January 2018 and became a hit with the general public and the international press.

DOMANI participated in the Dutch ‘HISWA on the water’ where the DOMANI S30 was nominated for the election “HISWA boat of the year”.

As a crown to all the hard work, the DOMANI S30 was nominated in January 2019 for the prestigious “European Yacht of the Year Award”. The EYOTY Award is the most important and influential boat-builders prize worldwide; often referred to as the “Oscar” of sailing, it reaches an international audience of numerous sailing enthusiasts, boat owners and industry leaders. 12 magazines from all over Europe form the professional jury, each of them the leading voice in their respective countries and internationally respected. In October 2018, in Port Ginesta in Spain, the DOMANI S30 was extensively tested by this jury of journalists. The S30 was driven to the limit and performed extremely well in winds up to 25 knots; seaworthiness proven.

We call the DOMANI S30 our Sportyacht. This combines sportiness, performance and direct steering with a timeless look, the comfort and luxury of a pure sailing yacht. In other words: with this compact yacht, sailing sensation goes hand in hand with the look and feel of larger yachts. The aft deck is fantastic for sitting or sunbathing and offers easy access to the water for swimming or snorkeling. The interior in turn is luxurious, comfortable and bright. The low sea line makes the sensation total, the feeling of being one with wind and water.

Quality is paramount at DOMANI YACHTS; a complete sandwich is built which ensures stiffness and light weight, optimal for the sailing sensation. DOMANI also resolutely opts for ecological materials; synthetic deck coverings and only an electric saildrive system is offered. Furthermore, only use of ‘A’ brands; Harken fittings, Swedish’ Seldén for the masts, Danish Jefa for the steering systems, Raymarine instruments and displays of the latest generation, Sunbrella exclusive upholstery. Due to the compact dimensions and light weight, the DOMANI S30 can also be perfectly trailered to the waters of your wishes. Ideal for a relaxing or sporty day or weekend sailing.

“The DOMANI S30 is a unique combination of design, performance and yachting lifestyle. Handmade in small series with the very best materials”, says Michael Goddaert.

Luxury, comfort and design

On board the DOMANI S30 you can enjoy the unique yachting lifestyle. Cozy chatting with your party in the seating area or sunbathing on the spacious aft deck, at the helm in the central cockpit or relaxing in the pleasant interior with lots of natural light. This Sportyacht equals fun for both the fanatic sailor and the invitees.

Naval architecture at work

With daysailing being the first is not a must, but it is good to know that speed and sportiness were important issues in the design. Consider the generous sail plan that goes with good weather sailing, code 0 and gennaker sail, originating from a unique bowsprit.

The S30 may look like the lounge boat par excellence, but once the sails are up, the boat is fast, manoeuvrable, dry and extremely seaworthy.


DOMANI E Range – extended version

The story of developing the E32 electrical Chase boat

At BOOT Duesseldorf in 2018 Jaap de Jonge and Michael Goddaert met for the first time. Jaap, having a background as a hydrodynamical engineer with the famous Dutch Damen Shipyard and having a career in design, engineering and operations with both Royal Huisman and Damen, was very interested in the lines and looks of the DOMANI yachts. He mentioned to Michael he was busy designing the ideal hull for a motorboat with electrical propulsion.

Currently motorboat manufacturers are converting existing V-hulls to electric propulsion but this simply does not work; these mostly planing hulls are not made for fuel efficiency and the future of ultra-low or zero emission so Jaap designed a completely new type of hull, ideally built to exploit the power of electricity to the fullest, in this case a 50kW drive unit, making the boat as performant and quiet on the water as possible. The hull is specifically developed for the best efficiency possible. Comfortably cruising at 15km/hr, which often is a legal limit, but even fast cruising up to 20kts is a possibility.

Michael and Jaap joined forces to create the first full electric, zero emission Chase boat. The typical sexy looks, lines and reversed shear of the DOMANI S30 Sportyacht were applied to the new hull and the E32 Chase boat was born. Michael and Jaap named her Chase boat, as ‘motor’ remembered them too much of noisy diesel & petrol propulsions.

The sound of the bow wave is the claim. We aim at hearing only the bow wave when cruising at 10 knots. Engineering focusses specifically on soundproofing of pumps, motors, and propeller. The E32 is cruising efficiently from 7 to 12kts, topping 20kts.

The goal is to offer zero noise, zero emission and a joyful new experience on the water. As sailboat builders we bring the art of lightweight and stiff boatbuilding.

As of 2020, Jaap will manage the build of the DOMANI yachts range out of Friesland in the Netherlands, using the most innovative building technologies of vacuum infusion, 3D milling and printing. Only the best materials and quality, 100% Dutch Made.

DOMANI E32 – technical details

DOMANI launches the first E32 with a direct driven axial flux engine with a power output of 50kW continuous. This engine, with a solid track record in EV cars and aviation, has one of the highest power densities in the industry.

The engine will be resiliently mounted to a rigid in-house designed drive train via a constant velocity thrust bearing joint, designed to absorb even the smallest mechanical noises and vibrations.

A Lithium battery pack originating from the transport industry designed for extreme heavy duty and passing the strictest crash tests powers the electrical engine.

The onboard battery charger can be connected to either a single phase connection; charging at 3kW or to a three phase connection; charging with a maximum of 22kW.

The HMI screen will be a multi-functional touch screen showing all engine and battery parameters and digital chart and is also used for controlling digital switching, light dimming, controlling hatches, AV controls etc.

A DC to AC inverter of 6kW can be installed which converts the high voltage DC current to 230V AC. This enables to install domestic equipment without installing a generator set.

Induction cooking, a tasty espresso and/or air conditioning can be used without the noise of a running generator.

A range extender/hybrid option of the E32 for autonomous operation or charging support is available. The consumption of the hybrid drive system is less than 4 litres per hour at 15kts.

A hydrogen generation system is under development.

DOMANI E32 – versions and ranges