– Digital Yacht – May 28, 2021 08:00 BST –

4G Xtream is Digital Yacht’s latest, premium LTE (cellular) internet access product. It offers fast internet connectivity up to 25NM offshore and ships as a complete package with dual external antennas, deck mounting hardware and cabling. Just plug in a SIM card and you’re good to go. You can bring your office to the boat plus the kids will take an instant interest in boating with reliable internet!

Using the latest Cat 6 modem technology MIMO technology and two external wide band LTE antennas, it offers very fast connectivity at up to 300 MBs (network dependent). It has a built in dual band wifi router supporting multiple connections, dual SIM slots (with auto fail over if required), built in GPS (for IOT and tracking applications) as well as an NMEA 2000 interface for navigation and instrument data connectivity and wireless interfacing. This allows the boat’s navigation data such as AIS and GPS to be utilised by popular apps on tablets and iPads. There’s also a Bluetooth interface for future connectivity applications.

The system also supports SMS alert messaging so it can be used for boat monitoring with an external input for an alarm for example activating a message to your mobile.

4G Xtream is available now and is priced at 1295 € plus vat. Further information at www.digitalyacht.eu.com